Automatically Discover New Legal Clients at a Lower Cost

Daily Leads Email

Easily Filter Leads

Filtering at your fingertips Tell us what type of solicitiations you want to send out and the locations where you want to receive them from. We filter out all of the other stuff so that you and your staff can focus on developing your message to the market you want to target.

Daily Leads Email

Daily Emails

Excel and Printable Labels: We send you a daily leads email summary, but it goes one step further and send it in a format that can be easily merged into a content customized templates, so all you or your staff has to do is print and mail.

Daily Leads Email

Snail Mail

Daily Letters Snail Mailed: While Legal Leads has already saved you hours of time and thousands of dollars, it only makes sense that we save you more time and money by completely taking over the task of printing, folding, and mailing your letters for you daily. This option is in development and close to completion and will be available to our Platinum subscribers once finished.

And there is more!

We are constantly optimizing and adding new features based on requests from our subscribers.

Cloud Based Portal

Legal Leads web portal provides personalized information and archiving of all leads generated by the system. It also provides real time data on leads being generated throughout the state so you can estimate usage throughout the year. Finally, the archives database will let you keep track of every lead generated on your behalf and even allows you to quickly and easily keep track of the solicitations mailed, and even your conversion rates.

Conflict Filtering Settings

We all have people that pose a conflict to representation. In most cases the conflict is discovered in the initial interview process, but for those of you that maintain an active conflict list, Legal Leads can implement that list into the leads generation system so that it filters out all potential conflicts for you.

Analytics - Coming Soon

Legal Leads analytics will send monthly reminders to you or your staff to log in to your portal and quickly update your mailed leads and converted leads. The process is simple and should only take your staff a few minutes to complete, depending on volume. Legal Leads then generates informative reports that help you determine what markets are most rewarding and even tell you the ROI seen by your office.


This feature allows you to merge lead specific information (name, offense, address, etc…) into your solicitation letter so that you may mail using window envelopes or even provide a more personalized letter more likely to convert leads into customers.

Detailed filtering

Select one of 45 circuits or the FCC filings. The detailed filtering allows you to further filter your lead results to a specific municipality or case type (traffic, criminal, divorce, Rent & Possession, etc…)

Secure and Archived

We archive leads that we automatically mail for you for 2 years in order to meet the Missouri Bars ethical requirements.

Pricing See all plan details here

$ 300 / Month

Solicitations Basics
(For More Techsavvy)

  • Any Single Circuit or FCC
  • Daily leads directly to you (DIY)
  • Detailed Filtering
  • Downloadable Label or Excel
$ 400 / Month

The Outsourcer!
Target Marketing Zen

  • Everything Silver Plus:
  • Multiple Templates – automailed for lead categories
  • Conflict Filtering
  • Client Tracker